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CHOPIN, Cooperation between Human and rObotic teams in catastroPhic INcidents, is a R&D project of the Artificial Perception for Intelligent Systems and Robotics (AP4ISR) team of the Institute of Systems and Robotics at University of Coimbra, in Portugal. The project is funded by COMPETE program from "Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia" (Portuguese Government), under the contract number FCOMP-01-0124-FEDER-020377, with the FCT reference PTDC/EEA-CRO/119000/2010.

The project

Multi-robot systems (MRS) are a sub-class of multi-agent systems which have great potential as regards parallelism, efficiency and robustness in tasks which are either distributed in space or too complex to be accomplished by a single mobile robot. These benefits hinge on suitable internal team organization to achieve coordination and cooperation, which in turn requires efficient sharing of information. MRS may be very useful on assisting humans in many distributed activities, especially in hazardous scenarios, by extending human perception and actuation with distributed sensors and actuators. The CHOPIN R&D project aims at exploiting this human-robot symbiosis in the development of human rescuers’ support systems for small-scale search and rescue missions in urban catastrophic incidents, an application domain with an unquestionable beneficial impact on society. A proof of concept will be developed for innovative techniques about cooperation between teams of human agents and teams of mobile robotic agents and collaborative context awareness. The project focuses on the following scientific goals:

  • SO1. Architectures and models for cooperation in teams of humans and in teams of mobile robots;
  • SO2. Collaborative context awareness and context sharing between team of humans and team of robots;
  • SO3. Scalable and cooperative sharing of information based on measures of information utility assessment.
Cooperation between Human and rObotic teams in catastroPhic INcidents

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