Final integration tests of the project's prototype

The final prototype of the CHOPIN R&D project has been prepared by Rohit Chandra since the end of 2014. A final set of integration tests was carried out on July 28, 2015, in an urban search and rescue simulated scenario where a simulacrum of a mission to respond to a small urban fire was done.

In these final integration tests the following components were integrated:

  • Knowledge-based framework for human-robots collaborative context awareness;
  • Multi-robot SLAM;
  • Autonomous fire outbreaks and victims detection by the mobile robots;
  • Recognition of contexts about the firefighter's activity, based on a hand-held device worn by the fireman (an Android smartphone was used in the proof of concept);
  • Firefighter localization by mobile robots using distance estimation based on RSSI and trilateration.

A photo taken during the experiments can be seen here. A video of the final prorotype is available here.