First integration tests towards the project's first prototype

The first prototype of the CHOPIN R&D project has been being prepared for the past 5 months. A first set of integration tests of the several components was carried out on Sep. 11, 2013, in the ISR garage and in a classroom, where a simulacrum of a search and rescue mission to respond to a small urban fire was done.

In these first integration tests the following components were integrated:

  • SLAM;
  • Autonomous fire outbreaks and victims search based on RDPSO;
  • Recognition of mission contexts with mobile robots, including detection of fire outbreaks and leakage of hazardous substances;
  • Recognition of contexts about the fireman's activity, based on a hand-held device worn by the fireman (a iPhone has been used in the proof of concept);
  • Mission monitoring in the Command Center (CC).

Some photos taken during the experiments can be seen here. A video of one of the experiments is available here.