Experiments with Physical Robots

  • Prototype v2, final integration test, July 2015

Final integration test carried out in a urban search and rescue simulated environment. The video shows several features developed throughout the project and results from the knowledge-based framework for human-robots collaborative context awareness proposed in a paper submitted to ICRA 2016.


  • Prototype v1, 1st integration test, Sep. 11, 2013
  • The first prototype of the CHOPIN R&D project started to be prepared on April 2013. A first set of integration tests of the several components was carried out on Sep. 11, 2013, in the ISR garage and in a classroom, where a simulacrum of a search and rescue mission to respond to a small urban fire was done.


    Simulation Experiments

    • Simulation with MRSIM of decentralized cooperation between firemen and mobile robots in an USAR mission, Mar. 18, 2013